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P7 Ministry

Unconventional P7. Peer to peer ministry. Discipleship in our schools, coffee shops, libraries, homeschool tutorials. The whole gospel to the whole world, through means of each person reaching THEIR world. Our goal for P7 is to remove the pressure, and allow the burden of the Lord to begin to work in our students all over the MDDC District, because "His yoke is easy and His burden is light".  For years, P7 has been a program where middle and high schoolers were able to access resources and tools to start Bible clubs in their schools. We saw many miracles, lives changed, and schools reached, but now the Lord is wanting P7 to become a lifestyle and not just a program. A lifestyle where, whether you are homeschooled, private schooled, public schooled, you feel empowered and prepared to make connections, witness, and teach Bible studies, to whoever God has placed in your life that needs Him. There is no pressure for numbers, no pressure of experience but if you are teaching a Bible study, witnessing to your friends, and allowing God to use you then you are a P7 leader! The P7 lifestyle believes in loving AND EMBRACING different colors, different cultures, and different backgrounds. We want every young person to spread the love of God on their campus and watch what God will do with your obedience to Him!

William Jordyn Spriggs.jpeg

William and Jordyn Spriggs

MDDC P7 District Coordinators

William and Jordyn Spriggs currently serve as the P7 Coordinators at their local church where they have been blessed to know and connect with some amazing young people. William has been serving in youth ministry for 4 years, and was also a local P7 leader at his high school. They both understand that the love of God is what changes people and they strive daily to allow His love to shine through them. William loves meeting new people at his bank job and Jordyn enjoys working with young people at a local Montessori School. In their free time they love to take walks on the water, play tennis, and host game nights for their friends and family!

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