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The goal of the Hyphen ministry is to engage, equip, and send forth the young adult population of our district. We recognize that our young adults are in a chapter of their lives in which there tends to be much transition (i.e. into adulthood, higher education, career, etc.), and the Hyphen ministry seeks to provide a community and resources that will help them stay grounded in Christ and navigate this unique chapter of maturation. We want to encourage our young adults to embrace the energy, influence, and capacity that they have at this time in their lives to be effective disciple-makers in the Kingdom of God.

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Candice Hill

MDDC Hyphen Coordinator

Candise Hill hails from Detroit, Michigan and now attends Abundant Life Church in Baltimore, Maryland where she serves as the Evangelism Director. Candise is involved in the UPC's Building the Bridge ministries, and has a heart for evangelizing less-served communities. She loves working with youth and young adults, which is why she cherishes her role connecting with MDDC Youth and Hyphen as the Maryland/DC Hyphen Director. Other things that keep Candise impassioned and engaged are urban education, food & coffee, sports, and traveling from one new adventure to the next.

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