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Ladies Ministry

The mission of the Ladies Ministry is to inspire and challenge the women of our district to become ALL that God wants them to be in the Kingdom of God. 

We want to encourage them to be a part of the ministry of the ladies and be a part of the various missions and ministries that are available to us.

Our Ladies Conference each year is a time of inspiration and encouragement to inspire them to a deeper commitment to the work of God. Each lady has a ministry that is important to the 


Our Mother’s Memorial offering each year is a team effort by all the ladies of our district churches. It is a ministry to many different departments of the UPCI, INTL. For instance among other things our offering goes to Foreign Missions, Home Missions, Tupelo Children ‘s Mansion, Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, Music Ministry, Multicural Ministries and many others. 

It is also a resource for needs in our district for ministers, home missionaries, youth ministry, Children’s ministry, and others.

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Alice Wright

MDDC Ladies Ministry Director

I am an ordained licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. I have been involved in the ministry with my husband for 54 years in many different capacities, including many mission trips in foreign countries. We are now the Bishop of Antioch, The Apostolic Church in Arnold, Md. 

We are also involved in the ministry of Apostolic Iron. 

We enjoy spending time together and with our family that we have been blessed with. 

I am passionate about the Ladies Ministry of the Maryland-DC. District. It is our desire to inspire and encourage all ladies to become everything that God has intended for them. We are always praying for new ideas that would be of help to them in their spiritual development.

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